Westlake, OH is discovering the beautiful benefits of microneedling

Social media is buzzing with talk about how microneedling treatment improves the condition and appearance of skin. The providers at Associates in Dermatology encourage you to schedule a consultation at their offices in Lorain, Westlake, or Middleburg Heights, OH to learn more about how professional microneedling can help you achieve the complexion you desire.

Microneedling in Westlake, OH is the real deal

The internet is full of ads for at-home microneedling devices. However, as with any treatment that pierces the skin, with the improper application there is a risk of irritation, infection, or scarring. We suggest trusting your skin and your health to the care of professionals. We provide effective microneedling results with the assurance of clinical sterility and safety.

In skilled hands, a microneedling facial is a safe, well-tolerated, and minimally invasive technique for collagen induction. A series of hair-fine needles penetrate skin at a carefully controlled depth and angle. This multitude of micro-punctures in the top layer of skin triggers the body’s natural healing processes.

As fresh collagen and elastin are generated, you can expect:

  • Improvement in texture
  • Firmer, more resilient skin
  • Smaller pores
  • Radiant glow

Microneedling for wrinkles smooths fine lines. Microneedling stretch marks reduces silvery appearance or discoloration and smooths uneven texture. Microneedling for scars (acne, surgical, or trauma) helps to break up collagen clusters that form scar tissue. It encourages uniform dispersion of new collagen, flattening scars and lightening discoloration.

There is no downtime – you may go right back to work or other activities after your microneedling session, and wear makeup the next day.

Microneedling benefits with PRP

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a concentration of cells containing growth factors. Since PRP is derived from a sample of your own blood, it can be safely re-introduced into the body without risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

Microneedling allows PRP to penetrate skin efficiently, boosting the benefits described above. Microneedling with PRP is also recommended for under-eye treatment. It reduces puffiness and dark circles, for a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

The skin care experts at Associates in Dermatology are eager to tell you more about the advantages of microneedling treatment. Call (440) 482-8323 to schedule your appointment in Lorain, Middleburg Heights, or Westlake, OH.

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