Cosmetic dermatology in Westlake, OH for your best look yet

Your hairstyle, clothing choices, accessories, and makeup all say something about how you take care of yourself. Yet nothing makes a stronger statement than beautiful skin. The providers at Associates in Dermatology are eager to develop a cosmetic dermatology strategy to help your skin look its best. We have offices in Westlake, Middleburg Heights,  and Lorain, OH for convenient visits.

Why choose a cosmetic provider?

At one time, cosmetic surgery was your only real option for anti-aging. That has changed. Today you have many choices in noninvasive or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and products. Unfortunately, that also means a lot of unqualified or barely qualified individuals are providing those services.

When you choose cosmetic skin treatment from a respected dermatology practice, you have the assurance that every procedure is performed or overseen by a highly credentialed medical professional, and conducted in a sterile, clinical setting. Associates in Dermatology utilizes leading-edge technologies. Our staff has advanced training in the latest techniques. Plus, we use only fresh, genuine, medical-grade products.

Yes, we care about enhancing your look, but we care even more about your wellbeing, health, and safety.

Associates in Dermatology patients have options in cosmetic dermatology

  • Injectable neuromodulators like Botox and others, soften wrinkles caused by frowning and other expressions.
  • CoolSculpting – Noninvasive, no downtime fat reduction.
  • Fillers – Expertly placed products replace lost facial volume, fill wrinkles, and plump lips.
  • HydraFacial – Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and nourishment in one pampering procedure.
  • IPL – A light-based therapy, safe for the neck, chest, and hands as well as the face, to reduce pigmented spots
  • Kybella – Injectable treatment for the reduction of fat under the chin.
  • Laser hair removal – To eliminate unwanted hair, from eyebrows to toes.
  • Laser therapies – To remove brown spots and facial veins, and to smooth and tighten skin.
  • Microneedling – Collagen induction treatment for skin rejuvenation. Add PRP to pump up the benefits, naturally.
  • Peels – For advanced exfoliation that improves skin tone and texture and addresses special needs.

If you are searching the internet for “cosmetic dermatology near me,” your search is over. Call (440) 482-8323 to schedule a consultation at Associates in Dermatology in Westlake, Lorain, or Middleburg Heights.

Meet the Team

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Associates in Dermatology in Westlake, OH is where medicine and aesthetics meet. The practice provides a range of services in medical, surgical, cosmetic and laser dermatology. The experienced team comprises Paul G. Hazen, M.D, Conley W. Engstrom, M.D, Karen L. Turgeon, M.D, Michael D. Reep, M.D, Brandie Tackett Styron, M.D, Mihir Shah, M.D, Julie Diegelmann, PA-C, Valerie A. Dailey, PA-C and Dharmik Patel, M.D.. Together they ensure the highest level of care for their patients, who have placed their utmost trust on the team.

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