Contemporary laser dermatology treatment in Westlake, OH

At one time, laser technology was science fiction fantasy. Today, lasers have become part of everyday life, from the grocery store checkout to the printer on your desk. Lasers have also enabled tremendous advances in medical treatment. Associates in Dermatology, with offices in Lorain, Middleburg Heights, and Westlake, OH, embraces the tremendous patient benefits, with a full suite of laser, light, and energy therapies.

The laser concept

LASER is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In simplified terms, that means light in a specific wavelength is concentrated into a fine beam. Various substances (such as fat and water), and pigments (like the red hemaglobin in blood and the brown color of melanin) attract certain wavelengths. Absorption of that energy creates a controlled, therapeutic response in body tissues.

Treatment in this manner is generally noninvasive – skin is not pierced – and minimally traumatic. In many cases, anesthetic is not needed for laser procedures, and there is little discomfort afterward. Most importantly, treatment effectively addresses a focused problem without harm to surrounding tissues.

Many options in laser treatment in Westlake, OH

At Associates in Dermatology, there is no one-size-fits-all laser. Our facility is equipped with, and our staff is trained in, a variety of instruments to provide leading-edge services:

  • Laser hair removal – Using the GentleMax dual laser system, we can adjust settings for safe, permanent hair reduction on most skin/hair color combinations. Laser hair removal can be performed on virtually any area of the body.
  • VBeam laser – This pulsed dye laser is ideal for treatment of red discoloration such as facial blood vessels, rosacea, and vascular birthmarks.
  • CO2 laser – We use it for ablative laser skin resurfacing to improve lines and wrinkles, and to smooth severe acne scarring. It can be set to penetrate middle and deep skin layers, stimulating natural production of collagen for thicker, firmer, healthier skin. The CO2 laser is also used to remove skin lesions.
  • IPL – Intense pulsed light is similar to the laser concept. However, this device emits broad spectrum light. We use special filters for focused treatment of brown hyperpigmentation – age spots, freckles, sun damage – as well as some red spots, and stretch marks. An IPL photofacial provides overall rejuvenation in skin tone, refined texture, and smaller pores.

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