Dharmik Patel, M.D.

Dharmik Patel, M.D.

Dharmik Patel, MD, is a dermatologist who specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology. A Chicago native, he completed his undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He then attended medical school at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine and completed his internship at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. Dr. Patel completed his post-graduate Dermatology residency training at the Medical College of Wisconsin, focusing on complex medical dermatology both in adult and pediatric patients, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic procedures and treatments. He is excited to bring his diverse surgical, medical, pediatric, and cosmetic dermatology training to the greater Cleveland area.

Dr. Patel’s areas of expertise include treating skin cancers, psoriasis, acne, lupus, hair loss, rosacea, eczema, and other autoinflammatory conditions, requiring complex dermatologic management. Dr. Patel trained with global leaders to be able to effectively implement novel and up-to-date treatment approaches to conditions such as psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa, lichen sclerosis, granulomatous skin diseases, contact dermatitis, and autoinflammatory skin diseases. He is trained in evaluating skin moles with Dermoscopy.

Dr. Patel also offers a range of procedures, including the use of pulse dye laser (PDL) for treating redness, intense pulsed light (IPL) for the treatment of brown spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun-damaged skin, and ablative and non-ablative resurfacing procedures for wrinkles and sun damage. He also offers PRP for hair loss, micro-needling, and chemical peeling for acne scars, melasma, and skin aging reversal. Dr. Patel specialized in his interest in cosmetic dermatology by designing and executing an education curriculum on neurotoxins, fillers, and laser procedures. He has also facilitated chemical peel and drug delivery workshops for dermatology physicians and trainees to teach the best practices for administering safe and effective treatments for medical conditions and cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Patel has extensive experience with neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) and fillers (lip, cheek, jawline, temple, around the mouth, around the eyes) after completing dedicated cosmetic dermatology training from Drs. Edit Olasz and Travis Kuemmet at Medical College of Wisconsin. He worked with Dr. Carlos Wambier to develop a skill set in superficial, medium-depth, and focal deep chemical peels for cosmetic applications.

Dr. Dharmik Patel is a passionate and dedicated dermatologist committed to providing the best possible care to his patients. He has expertise in treating patients of all skin colors and has a strong interest in medical and cosmetic dermatology. He is eager to serve the patients of the greater Cleveland area with the latest and most up-to-date dermatological and cosmetic therapies.

Dr. Patel is a member of the following organizations:

  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
  • American Contact Dermatitis Society
  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • International Peeling Society

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