Patients in Westlake, OH are finding the links between stress and acne breakouts and treatments

“Oh no, an acne breakout!” is typically what runs through all our heads when a flareup of acne occurs. We will all begin to make sure we are cleaning our face and bodies extra thoroughly to squash these nasty flareups but may not know which treatment to use. Associates in Dermatology in Westlake, OH offer proven acne treatment that not only works to treat acne but also to help prevent it.

The Link Between Stress and Acne

Outside of treating acne, it’s important to understand what causes flareups. We all know oily skin and dirt can cause acne, but did you know that stress is also a leading factor with acne breakouts? Chronic stress is a leading trigger which contributes to acne development. Research has provided evidence that acne has significant association with internal stress levels and can even make existing breakouts even worse.

When you experience chronic stress, it increases the levels of stress-related hormones (i.e. cortisol) and the oil glands in your skin begin to go into overdrive. This extra oil mixes with dead skin cells and breakout causing bacteria, resulting in an acne breakout. Adults, due to natural cell turnover, are more prone to this.

When stressed, skin can begin to lose its ability to self-protect and this leads to further complications including inflammation or premature aging. Other complications can include

  • Collagen damage, leading to wrinkles
  • Heightened cortisol production, which lowers the production of hyaluronic acid. This can lead to skin that is dehydrated and increase the likelihood of fine lines appearing.
  • This dehydration of the skin can then lead to an excess level of sebum production which results in the perfect playground for breakout-causing bacteria.

A Vicious Cycle

 Due to embarrassment of an acne breakout, many of us begin to have heightened stress levels. This only makes the breakout worse, causing even more anxiety and stress. This can lead to a condition called acne excorie, which occurs when, due to stress and embarrassment of a breakout, a person begins to compulsively pick at their blemishes. Due to this extreme anxiety over pimples, some people just can’t control themselves and pick every pimple causing scabs and, eventually, scars. This can turn even very mild acne into a situation resulting in significant scarring.


Clean skin without acne in Westlake area

Associates in Dermatology in Westlake, OH don’t want you to have to live with the added stress and anxiety that acne flareups may be causing. We are considered one of the premier private dermatology practices in the Westlake, OH area and through a personalized approach to acne treatment,have been helping patients eliminate acne issues for decades. Treatments offered may include:

  • Topical treatments including benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or retinol
  • Antibiotic treatment to help address infection or inflammation
  • Oral retinoids when a more severe treatment may be necessary

We also can treat scarring caused by acne through treatments including chemical peels, laser therapies, or soft tissue fillers. Through these treatments, most scarring can be improved or resolved completely.

We all just want to enjoy healthy, beautiful skin at all ages of our life. If you are unhappy with your skin or are dealing with a nasty acne flareup, give Associates in Dermatology a call today at (440) 482-8323 to set up an appointment or consultation.

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