Westlake dermatologists explain the causes and treatments of eczema

Causes of Eczema and Treatments in Westlake area

Red, dry, or itchy skin can be annoying. Many of us get the occasional rash from insect bites, allergies, or environmental irritants. Unfortunately, regular or chronic rashes may signify an underlying problem. It is important to seek medical advice to ensure appropriate treatment. The team at Associates in Dermatology in Westlake explains the causes of eczema and offers treatments to soothe irritated skin. Eczema symptoms and causes Eczema is commonly characterized by red, itchy skin. It can appear anywhere on the body. Patients of any age can be affected by eczema, but it is most common in young children. Up … Continue reading

Discover PRP therapy as a hair fall out treatment in Westlake, OH

Hair Fall Treatment in Westlake OH area

Shedding some hair daily is normal for everyone. However, excessive hair loss is a concern for men and women. It may start with just a few hairs falling out and progress to bald spots or a widening part. When hair loss occurs, the team at Associates in Dermatology in Westlake, OH offers PRP as a hair fall out treatment. PRP explained Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is concentrated blood plasma that contains approximately five times as many platelets that are found in natural blood. Our blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets make up about one percent … Continue reading

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